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The complex nature of global development means that solutions-focused research needs to be conducted across disciplines, drawing on the distinct contributions that each can make and encouraging truly original and transformative approaches to multidimensional challenges.

The GCRF provides a unique opportunity to build a global community of researchers committed to sustainable development and the eradication of poverty. It complements, but also significantly expands and develops, other forms of international and multinational funding for development research, including governments, non-governmental bodies and foundations.

The GCRF will allow UK research excellence to be deployed in a strategic way to generate solutions to the most significant and complex problems faced by developing countries while at the same time strengthening their research capability.

Researchers profile

Professor Thomas Wagner

Director of International Development,
The Lyell Centre for Earth and Marine Science and Technology,
Heriot-Watt University

Professor Andrew Sweetman

Head of Marine Benthic Ecology and In-Situ Technology Group,
The Lyell Centre for Earth and Marine Science and Technology,
Heriot-Wat University

Dr Ke Guek Nee

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Professor Aziz Arshad

Director of International Institute of Aquaculture & Aquatic Science,
University Putra Malaysia


Neoh Jing Yi, Research Assistant
Lutfi Surya Muchamad, Research Assistant

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